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ABFA To Host Elite Coaching Course

St. John’s, Antigua – The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association will be hosting the 8th edition of Coerver Elite Coaching by Alfred Galustian. Alfred Galustian is no stranger to the shores of Antigua and Barbuda as he has held many elite courses with Former Northern Ireland legend and ABFA Advisor Bryan Hamilton . In This […]

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ABFA Highlights Week 13

St. John’s, Antigua – The ABFA Premier League Week 13 saw no movement in the top 4 as the relegation fight has now heated up. See all the week 13 highlights courtesy ABS Sports. Photography Courtesy: Thaddeus Price.   ABFA Football Friday Week 13: ABFA Premier League Sunday Week 13:

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The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The latest results of the ABFA Second Division ended up good for some, bad for others and ugly for the rest. Similar to the epic western movie starring Clint Eastwood, that coined the famous phrase “When you have to shoot…Shoot! Don’t talk. Missed opportunities don’t come back around after the final whistle. In the most […]

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Top 4 Battle for Supremacy in Division 1

Over the last few weeks it has been an ongoing battle for supremacy between 1st place Urlings FC and 2nd place Ottos Rangers FC. Coincidentally their standing positions were inversed the last time we checked when the latter of the two was at the top looking down. Urlings eventually jumped ahead when they staged a […]

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Historic CFU MLS Combine Comes To An End

St. Johns, Antigua – The historic CFU/MLS Caribbean combine finally came to an end after 3 days of games and intense training by top Major League Soccer (MLS) coaches. Of the 24 players selected for the Caribbean Combine only two were players were chosen to represent their respective assertions and the Caribbean at the full […]

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Bullets FC

In The First Division

The Christmas celebrations provided lots of cooking, baking, roasting, and BBQ-ing never-the-less it still could not produce as much heat as the ongoing battles in First Division. It has definitely been a fierce bout among the twelve, having endured 14 rounds of jaw-breaking jabs, unstoppable uppercuts and rib-wrecking shots to the body. Each team has […]

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