Ladies and Gentlemen Presidents of CONCACAF Member Associations,

On February 12, 2016, CONCACAF Acting General Secretary Ted Howard announced that elections will be held for President and Vice President, Central America during the XXXI CONCACAF Ordinary Congress on May 12, 2016. Following my initial announcement on January 16, 2016, through this medium, with purposefulness and respect, I present myself as a candidate for the CONCACAF presidency.

The ongoing probe by the United States Department of Justice into CONCACAF and the attendant revelations are a clarion call: our confederation needs new direction, under new leadership, now more than ever.

CONCACAF is scandal-tarnished. The reputational damage threatens the commercial viability of football, undermines confidence in administrators, unfairly impacts players and officials and has alienated supporters.

We must rebuild CONCACAF as an institution where integrity, good governance and commitment to the people the confederation serves are the hallmarks. We must restore CONCACAF’s credibility to surmount the challenges with which football is faced. We need leadership that understands that football transcends the field of play and is a global unifying factor. We must act decisively and with determination in the interest of our beloved institution.

Briefly, I would like to tell you about myself:

Whether as a primary schoolboy organizing matches for my mates to being an administrator, there has been no point where football has not been integral to my life. I have been the president of the Caribbean Football Union since 2012. I came to office amid the first wave of scandal in football, which unfolded at the level of the CFU. The Caribbean, in this regard, was ahead of the curve, instituting complete reforms four years ago. I know firsthand
that effecting change is no easy feat. I was the upstart who dared to move the CFU from autocracy to democracy, accountability and transparency. Under my watch, the CFU employed resourcefulness and ingenuity to execute and complete all of our programs, honor commitments to the 31 Member Associations, and introduce new initiatives.

I have been the General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) for the past 12 years. The record will show our marked growth and development during this period, and Antigua and Barbuda is the smallest country both in size and population to be consistently ranked in the top 100 for the past few years.

I am a former national player and national team manager, possessing experience from the locker room to the boardroom.

I hold degrees and certification in mechanical engineering and corporate governance. For the past 12 years, I have served on the boards of banking institutions in Antigua and Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean.

As well as being a FIFA Match Commissioner, I am a member of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Committee and the CONCACAF Statutes Reform Committee. My desire is to rebuild a confederation that is an exemplar of competency, democracy, inclusiveness, development and transparency.

My agenda, AGENDA FOR CHANGE, makes the following commitments:

1. Fidelity to the CONCACAF Constitution;
2. To operate with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and financial propriety;
3. To engage in equal opportunity employment that is representative of the territories CONCACAF
4. To design equitable development programs based on need;
5. To develop Women’s football at the institutional and sporting levels;
6. To develop and support Grassroots initiatives with laser-like focus on female and youth
7. Infrastructural development across the countries;
8. To introduce professional football into the lesser developed regions;
9. To build partnerships that will significantly reduce the cost of travel to achieve exponential
development within CONCACAF;
10. To work with the Member Associations and global partners to close the chasm among countries
and build a foundation for the future;
11. To develop football administrators at the country level; and
12. To support, as well as, introduce radical referee development

History will show that my word is my bond. These commitments are based on my knowledge of global football, corporate governance, and experience I have gained in every sphere of my professional life. They carefully consider the challenges confronting CONCACAF Member Associations, leagues, clubs, players, match officials, volunteers and supporters. The hurdles are surmountable and my plans are achievable.

Many people aspiring to office are showing the company they keep and the halls they have graced. I am standing on the work I have done and my demonstrated commitment to accountability and excellence. I am motivated by my love of football and my faith that our sport can and will rise with dignity. I humbly request your support and look forward to speaking with the Presidents and General Secretaries of each Member Association in the coming days and weeks.

Fraternally yours,
Gordon Derrick