Abaya got two second half goals by substitutes Jahciba Smith and Devon Olivia to record a very important victory over host John Hughes in the ABFA Observer Imobile second division on Wednesday.

Both got their call at the end of the half and made full use of their opportunities.

It was Olivia’s left footed strike twelve minutes after halftime that gave Abaya the victory.

Olivia ran past the home team’s defence on the left side and with the John Hughes’ keeper Nikiba Simon advancing, the Glanvilles student let fly from inside the 18.

The ball hit the back of the net with pace much to the chagrin of the home supporters.

Smith, a student at the Antigua State College Advance Level’s Division pulled made his presence felt two minutes after he entered the game.

He gave his team hope by staying focus on a freekick that spill from the hands of the John Hughes keeper.

That strike gave the visitors hope.

The tying goal can only be described as total team effort by Abaya who had squandered numerous opportunities in the opening session.

Stanley Turner shared in the goal as well.

It was Turner’s free-kick from about 30 yards out that freed up Smith after John Hughes’ keeper Nikiba Simon.

He did not bend it like Beckham but Turner’s spot around a wall did enough to cause Simon to spill the ball, which Smith pushed into the back of the net, 1-1.

Earlier, another youth, Roy “Preka” Yorks gave the home team the lead, 26 minutes into the game, a ‘top shelf’ goal from a player to watch for the future.

Yorks, just 15 years old and a member of the national u-18 squad had the Abaya defence under stress all day.

He scored the opening goal by latching onto a ball passed over the visitors defence on the left and slotted home in style.

“Dat a one wicked goal,” claimed former national midfielder Daryl “Dadi” Greenaway who made the trip to watch his Parham team Abaya play.

So true!

Yorks showed tremendous poise as he controlled the ball out of the air and calmly side-footed past Davrick Lockhart.

Abaya entered the game on 15 points and John Hughes on 12 points.