St. John’s, Antigua – After four days of intense classroom sessions, theoretical and practical evaluations the 2nd edition “D” License course came to a fantastic end.

There was a massive relief among many of the participants as the 4 day course had taken its toll. The more than 35 participants gave their all for a chance to obtain CONCACAF’s first level certification. participants were drilled in preparing training sessions, giving oral presentations, Goalkeeping, Nutrition and health and safety.


During the closing ceremony many coaches expressed their delight in the course as it opened their minds to a new level of coaching.
President of the ABFA Everton Gonsalves was very pleased to hear that the course was a success.

“The fact that this association was able to have another” D” License just 12 months after the first edition, shows that we are serious about educating our coaches in order for our football to move to the next level.” stated Gonsalves.

After the closing speeches from ABFA executives and the CONCACAF instructors the participants made a heartwarming presentation to the their respective instructors.