St. John’s, Antigua – Last season the Bush League – Division 2 in particular – burned with so much talent that it ignited the interest of both fans and players alike. As a result three additional teams came onboard increasing the total number of clubs to 24.

The members there-of requested that the “System Of Play” be reflective of a two legged (home and away) encounter. Thus the division was split into two (2) zones of twelve (12) whereby only the top two clubs in each zone would be eligible for promotion.
Without being too judgemental we have decided to focus our attention on the top three (3) clubs in each zone, as follows:

In Zone A:The third round of fixtures is already in full swing. Villa Lions FC, Harney Motors Tryum FC and Bethesda SC, sit tentatively at the top of the table. Villa who secured a 1-0 victory over Bolans yesterday, has achieved the maximum nine (9) points from three (3) matches.

Tryum and Bethesda both have six (6) points after two games but Tryum however, have a better goal difference of nine (9), three more than Bethesda’s six (6). Unfortunately Bethesda’s fixture with Police was postponed till further notice so they have a game in hand.

In the meantime Villa will be eager to see the outcome of Tryum’s battle with Golden Grove FC later this week, which would add more drama to the ongoing see-saw battle for first place.

In Zone B:
Freemansville SC leads the pack with nine (9) points after three (3) matches while St. Johns United and Black Panthers both have (6) points after two (2) outings. St. Johns however, appears to be the more attacking of the two with a goal difference of five (5) as opposed to the Panthers’ two (2).

All three teams are undefeated and will most likely be hoping that the other drop will drop valuable points sooner than later.
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Story contributed by guest writer: Alphaeus Tongue