Football Fever Second Week

St. John’s, Antigua – Days before the FIFA World Cup Trophy is slated to arrive in Antigua & Barbuda, Football fever is in the air. The security at The ARG was beefed up over the weekend for the games .The ABFA pulled out the fans to the ARG for 5 games of premier league football action over the weekend, A double header on Friday and a triple on Sunday.

The first two teams to play were Potters Tigers F.C vs  Willikies F.C which resulted in a two nil victory for Willikies. Scoring for the men from the east was Damien Williams in 8th minute and St. Kitts and Nevis International striker Kadeem Lewis in the 10th minute of play.

The second match of the night was Greenbay Hoppers F.C against All Saints United, at this point the fans were eager to see a competitive display of football from both camps.  The two teams did not offer much excitement to the fans as the first half remained scoreless.

In the second half anxiety from both teams started to build and the game got intense. As the clock wound its way down to the final minutes the match seemed to be headed to a goalless draw. But at the end of regular time Rolston “Lexi” Phoenix of Hoppers fired home a blistering shot from outside the 18 yard box.

As the whistle blew the men from Greenbay were successful in their first match of the season which brought the ARG to its feet, with a one nil victory. “Brilliant Stuff”, for Football Fridays.


SAP F.C’s Franciso Abreu on the ball


Back to the grounds on Sunday for the triple header. By now, the football fever has set in and its kick off time. The first two teams to take the field  were the Bargain Motors Grenades F.C and Potters Tigers. The Potters team put up a good fight but were unsuccessful in scoring in first half. But Grenades F.C pulled the clip and exploded, striking the first goal with Damian Harwood getting a goal in the 40th minute and in second half on the 55th minute.

Benna Boys striker Llyod Jeremy struck in the 62 minute for the Tigers, but the match ended with Grenades F.C collecting all three points.

Sani-Pro Fort Road F.C went up next against early title favourites Sugar Ridge SAP F.C. In the day’s second match poor defending saw Fort Road suffer a 2nil defeat. SAP F.C fans are excited as their team currently sits top of the ABFA Premier League standings.

Then it was time for the main event as Willikies F.C played last season’s runner up Greenbay Hoppers . In the first ten minutes of the half Hoppers F.C were able to strike early and connect with a shot from midfielder Tavin Crump, but Willikies goalkeeper Olson forde was more than equal to Crump’s effort.

Willikies F.C tried effortlessly to score before the half but both teams went into halftime scoreless. Kicking off the second half in the opposite direction Hoppers F.C began to control the game with having most of the ball possession.

Willikies midway through the second half provided a scare as Kadeem Lewis broke away from Hoppers defender Jamoy Stevens, but failed to score as his shot went into the side netting.

In the 60th minute national midfielder Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas found the back of the net with a strong shot inside the box. After scoring the only goal of the match Hoppers defended their lead and emerge as winners.




Photography credited to: Thaddeus Price