ABFA Press Release


Please be advised that the Premier Division schedule has been rearranged as follows:-

Friday 7th February 2014

5:00pm Bassa SC vs. Potters Tigers

7:00pm Willikies FC vs. All Saints Utd.


Sunday 9th February 2014

3:00pm SaniPro Fort Road FC vs. Lime Old Road

5:00pm Asot Arcade Parham vs. Bargain Motors Grenades

7:00pm Sugar Ridge Sap FC vs. Cool & Smooth/ Argos Hoppers


Friday 14th February 2014

5:00pm Willikies vs. Bassa SC

7:00pm SaniPro Fort Road vs. All Saints Utd.


Sunday 16th February 2014

3:00pm Asot Arcade Parham vs. Potters Tigers

5:00pm Cool & Smooth/ Argos Hoppers vs. Lime Old Road

7:00pm Bargain Motors Grenades vs. Sugar Ridge Sap FC