Bassa and Fort Road cancel out each other

In the first of Saturday’s doubleheader, former five-time champion Bassa FC and SaniPro Fort Road FC fought for a full 90 minutes to produce a goal-less draw.
Both teams evenly match as they cancelled out each other in attacking and defending.

In last week’s encounter, both teams recorded significant victories over their opponents.
Bassa overcame defending champions SAP 1-0 and Fort Road hammered Cool and Smooth-Argos – KFC Hoppers 5-1.

Okeskie Ledette scorer of the lone goal – a beautiful free kick(FK) – against SAP. The goal repeated the feat once again in the same fashion but only to see the ref calling back the play for indirect FK.

Fort Road, however, could not even produce one goal on the day after putting five past title chasers Hoppers last week.

Bassa is currently struggling in the 8th placed play-off spot while Fort Road sits a little more comfortable in 7th place.

Next Up: Grenades Vs Five Islands
Grenades bounce back from a humiliating defeat

In their previous encounter Grenades suffered a humiliating defeat that saw them badly beaten 5-1 by former back to back champions Lime Old Road.
Having revisited the drawing board round south team amended their loss with a 3-0 victory over 9th place Five Islands.
Rakeem Henry added one more to his golden boot hunt as he increased his tally to 15 overall. His team-mate Oalex Anderson made a good run down the flank, beating the offside trap, then deceiving the goalkeeper(GK) before finishing 2-0.
Diego Silva attempted an FK that had GK Brent Parker tipping backward and over the crossbar, but Tazio Williamson finished it off 3-0 in the dying moments of the game.

In the first game of Sunday’s Triple Header:
Rangers and Old Roads host Revival Service

Old Road fans came out in their numbers hoping to participate in the second week of “gospel revival service” at the ARG. In their previous encounter, the stadium was overwhelmed by the antics of the makeshift choir. The choir chanted in unison and sung worship hymns that motivated their team to a 5-1 victory in a round-south derby match against rivals Jennings Grenades.
However, this week they were facing a different member of the clergy in Ottos Rangers. Ottos Rangers went ahead early in the 2nd minute via free kick (FK) by “altar boy” London Roscoe, 1-0.

“Bishop” Stephan Smith, remained consistent with last week’s “praise and worship service” with his powerful shots on target. However, “evangelist” Tahari Lewis in goal was equally up to the challenge parrying away to his left.
“Pastor” Junior Benjamin missed a crucial penalty to push his team further up towards the altar. He was denied firstly by the upright and then his repeat shot was brilliantly pushed aside by Old Road’s “youth leader” Kiamani Thomas in goal.

The scripture was reading was done by Bro. William Lewis as he headed home his shot in the 45th minute,2-0. The officials then signal 3 minutes of added time which Rangers used for “testimony service” just before the halftime break.
Rangers fans then requested their theme song “I am blessed” to be played during the interval suggesting to Old Road fans that they too were highly favoured by God. They continued into the second half giving praises for the gratifying lead.

Soon after “Pastor” Benjamin would make up for his missed PK. Filled with the spirit, he broke away down the aisle as the Old Road “ushers” failed to contain him and finished superbly in the 76th minute past “doubting” Thomas in goal, 3-0. At the final whistle, the officials reminded both teams to leave an offering donation before leaving the pitch.

In our second match of the day:
Hoppers recover as Urlings fail to hold on to a slim lead

Both Teams are coming off the back of horrendous defeats still fresh in their minds but trying to amend the damages.

The game was filled with action at both ends of the pitch as Captain and pride of Urlings Quinton Griffith gave the fans a goal to cheer about – putting his team ahead 1-0 in the 29th minute.

Urlings kept the lead going into the second half but let it slip away from them in the 70th minute when Omarie Daniel of Hoppers equalized 1-1.

Both teams were reduced to 10 men following an altercation that led to several players on the bench also being expelled from the game.

Hoppers then turned up the heat with two powerful shots on target forcing Dwayne Brown to make some critical saves.

Captain of the Hoppers squad Tamarley “Ziggy,” Thomas then received a through-ball and made Urlings pay in the 76th minute, 2-1. Daniel then got his second of the match in added time to cap it off at 3-1.

In addition, Finally In the Main event:
SAP gets Revenge on Parham

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then Peter Byers’ lone goal left the Parham FC delegation suffering from frostbite.

Parham had beaten SAP in the first round of the competition by the same 1-0 margin and as the leading club in the standings, they put up a good fight against the defending champions.

This matchup was the game everyone was waiting to see, and it came with all the anticipated excitement that kept the spectators on the edge of his or her seats.

Early in the game, Parham’s midfield stalwart Zacheous Polius had SAP’s goalkeeper (GK) Miguel Baez diving to his right to prevent a certain goal from crossing the line. Parham was very effective in breaking down SAP’s defence many times but not getting the satisfaction they were looking.

Parham’s Nazir McBernette blazed down the flank and squared the ball invitingly across the goal mouth. Unfortunately, the pass was too rich that it bypassed both the center-forward and the GK at the near post and still had enough pace to evade the left forward at the far post on its way out.

In the 34th minute, SAP’s Odell Murray unleashed a powerful shot from long distance forcing Molvin James backward into the goal. Instinctively, the Parham Custodian released the ball so it would not cross the line as well.

Man in charge Rolston “Debu” Williams watched as his team, dominated the entire half and even got the ball into the back of the net but was called back for offside.

It was not until the 65th minute when Peter Byers was successful in infiltrating Parham’s defence and finishing accurately past James. The lead sent waves of merriment throughout the stadium. Rasheem Williams tried to increase the lead but dragged his shot wide.

In summary, Parham was the most dominant team in possession and attack but not finding a way to get the ball past Baez. SAP on the other hand played a more defensive game and was able to convert from the lesser chances they had but maintained a very important lead.

The victory allowed SAP advance to 31 points, 7 behind leaders Parham and 4 behind Hoppers whom they will face in the last fixture of the competition.

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