Continuing its tradition of elite competition and player development, youth from various Clubs and Soccer Academies will be on show in the ABFA U13 Development League commencing on Saturday December 3rd 2011. The venue will be at the John Hughes playing field on Saturday’s between 10 AM and 12:30 PM. A total of 18 teams will be qualified for this league. The ABFA Youth Committee mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in Antigua and Barbuda and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players.
All Clubs or Soccer Academy’s that have a U-13 program and wish to deviate from the National Rules & Regulations with respect to substitution (unlimited subs) throughout the game .The age group will be boys born January 1999.

7v7 league (6 field players and a goalie), in this format the players will experience lots of touches on the ball, less running and many shooting opportunities .

The Club and Academies cited to participate are the Bassa , Villa Lions , Swetes, Parham , Willikies , John Hughes , Pares , Wadadli 5P’S , Soccer Academy, Future Kings , Wings , Old Road , SAP , Ottos Rangers , Greenbay Hoppers , Young Warriors , West Ham , St. Anthony’s , Empire , Swalings and Five Islands.

All participating Clubs and Academies are asked to make sure their registrations are fully in place for the start of the league on Saturday by contacting the ABFA Secretariat no later than Friday December 2nd 2011. Managers will need to bring to the Secretariat the Passport or a Passport picture along with a copy of the Birth Certificate of each registered player to facilitate the eligibility of the player to compete in the league.

The ABFA Development Youth Leagues will be played on the upcomings dates:
U13 December 3rd 2011 to March 3rd 2012
U15 March 24th 2012 to May 26th 2012
U19 June 02 2012 to August 11th 2012
U17 September 1st 2012 to November 10th 2012