The ABFA Women’s Football 2016 Season Update

St. John’s, Antigua – The 2016 ABFA Women’s Football Season kicked off on Saturday, May 8, with an opening ceremony for both divisions Women’s A League Championship and the Girls U-15 Development League. A total of twelve (12) teams will participate in the 2016 season. The Girls U-17 and Grassroot Festivals dates to be announced later.

Teams’ participating in the Women’s A League Championship:

Lady Hoppers
Lady Sap
Lady Five Ps
Empire Star Girls
Lady Swetes

Teams participating in the U-15 Development League:

Liberta FC
Bullets FC
Old Road FC
Grenades Jennings Challengers
ABFA Future Stars

Weekend Games highlight

Lady Hoppers and Lady Swetes got things started in the opener of the 2016 season on Saturday at the ARG, Lady Five Ps concludes the weekend games against Empire Star Girls on Sunday, May 8.

Scores for the weekend:
Saturday, May 8th

Lady Hopper’s vs. Lady Swetes: 1 nil in favor of Lady Hoppers.

Goal Scorer: Zola Kaza in the 20 minute

Sunday, May 9th

CPTSA Wings vs. Lady SAP: CPTSA Wings won the game by default as Lady SAP was unable to field a team for their first game.

Empire Star Girls vs. Lady 5PS: 3 – 2 in favor of Lady 5Ps

Goal Scorers : Lady 5Ps – Jemelia Benjamin in the 19 min , Kai Jacobs in the 65 min assisted by Zolique Samuel , Zolique Samuel in the 70 min.

Goal Scorers: Empire Star Girls – Karen Warner in the 55 min and Samantha Hamson in the 60 min.

The ABFA Women’s A-League continues in the week with the following games:

Tuesday, May 10 CPTSA Wings vs. Lady Hoppers 6:30 PM ARG
Wednesday, May 11 Lady SAP vs. Empire Star Girls 6:30 PM ARG
Thursday, May 12 Lady Wadadli Five P’s vs. Lady Swetes 6:30 PM ARG