Many of the top Female Footballers in Antigua will this week be participating in the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association Women’s Football Workshop which kicked off Wednesday May 2nd at the ARG.

The ABFA workshop first of many more to come features Women’s Soccer Coaches from the USA. Christopher McLain of Colgate University Division 1; Tracey Leipold head Coach of Le Moyne College Division 2 , Claire McLain from Utica College Division 3, Ines Herovic head Coach of Bryant and Stratton Junior College round up the Coaches working with the female footballers.

The Coaches were welcomed by President of the ABFA Everton Gonsalves, Mervyn Richards Director of Sports, and Gwen Salmon head of the ABFA Women’s Football Program, Sean Samuels head of the PE Teachers within the Ministry of Education and Rowan Porridge Benjamin head Coach of the ABFA Women’s Football.

The Team of US Coaches will work with the Female Footballers alongside the Coaches of the National team, four of the PE teachers in the School Program and the ABFA Local Women’s League. This initiative is the brain child of Gwen Salmon head of the Women’s Football Program under the concept of the ABFA President Everton Gonsalves, who strongly believes that education and football must coexist. Four Footballers have already made their mark under this initiative.

This workshop is just a start of many more to come from this project, and the Football community can look forward to more events deriving from this initiative with the US Coaches as early as April 2013.

It’s the ABFA’s intention to have an ongoing, strong and robust female program that will develop mature individuals capable of representing Antigua & Barbuda football overseas. The ABFA believes that this program will make for a better national program that will lift the status of female football at home and abroad

Football Fans can view the sessions at the ARG between 3 PM and 5 PM this week and Saturday morning from 9 AM until 11 AM.

Photo courtesy of Caribarena