Press Release: November 12th, 2013.



MLS Sponsored Caribbean Combine in Antigua and Barbuda  


St. John’s, Antigua – The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) would like to announce, that Antigua has been granted the privilege of hosting the first ever Major League Soccer (MLS) Combine in the Caribbean.


President of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Mr. Gordon Derrick was able to broker this deal with the MLS as one of his major aims to create more opportunities for footballers in the Caribbean to ply their trade in the professional market.


This combine is essentially a try-out with the specific objective of selecting a certain number of elite level young players ages 18-21. The MLS sponsored event is set to commence in Antigua and Barbuda between Thursday, January 2nd – Sunday January 5th, 2014.


To properly mark this special occasion a televised press conference will be held in at the City View Hotel conference room on Thursday November 14th at 10am. There will also be a delegation from the MLS at the press conference to fulfill any questions from the media.


The televised event will also be streamed on the world wide web via MLS, CFU and ABFA websites respectively. All media personnel are advised to be at this event promptly and further questions can be asked through the ABFA office and CFU President Mr. Gordon Derrick.


The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association anticipates that this event will be a great experience and that the knowledge gained will be beneficial to the young footballers in Antigua and Barbuda.