The Lady Bobcats lost 2-1 to Mercyhurst NE Community College in the Western New York Conference Region III.
Unfortunately, we had two key players who were injured and could not play much of the game and it affected us greatly.
In the first half we let 2 goals in and by the second half Argell London scored a beautiful goal from a free kick. She has
been our powerhouse from Antigua and is the leading scorer of the team. The game was aggressive and we continued
to stay in it, but we could not tie it. Overall, the girls played their best even with all the team injuries. Ines Herovic
said, “The Lady Bobcat’s did an outstanding job this season with a final record 3-9-0. The team is mostly freshman. We have
had a lot of injuries throughout the season, yet we still played our hardest and did not give up.”

I would like to thank everyone for supporting us and those who came to our games. This is my first season as a coach
for Bryant & Stratton College with only five athletes on the team at the end of June 2011, and by August I had a full
team that worked hard on and off the field. My goal is to continue to work with the girls and better them for next season
and to make a strong women’s soccer team here at Bryant & Stratton College.

Currently 3 Women’s Footballers from Antigua are attending Bryant & Stratton , Argell London, Devikka Tittle and Heidi Thomas. Argell had a total of 12 Goals and 5 Assists.