Overseas-based Antigua and Barbuda Goalkeeper Brentton Muhammad, signed a 1 year deal with Iceland club KF Aegir after a 4 day trial. Muhammad who has 5 international caps to his name first joined the Bennaboys setup during the Road to Brazil World Cup campaign in 2012.

Brentton Stated

“I’m really excited. I’m glad something found it’s way through. I felt I played well enough at the combine to catch some eyes, but in football sometimes… you’re not always the best fit for every club, and people make different decisions. I’m just glad I have the opportunity to prove myself to Aegir now.”

Son of Floyd Matthew later turn Muhammad, Bretton is due to link up with the Bennaboys for the start of their Russia 2018 World Cup Campaign versus St. Lucia on June 8th and 12th respectively.IMG-20150417-WA0007