In sports there is a saying that ‘players win games, coaches lose them’ and that was quite evident as Cool & Smooth Empire fired head coach George “Cajawawa” Warner.

Empire is presently second to the bottom of the table in the premier division, a mere one point ahead of Bullets the team wallowing in the cellar. The final straw for the Empire head office may be the team’s 2-1 loss to Bullets on Saturday.

It was expected to be the game that Empire was supposed to in to keep its chances alive in the premiership. But Empire fell and Warner became ‘enemy number one’ and thus his firing.
The man taking over from Warner is no stranger to Empire. He is Veron “Epilus” Edwards Jr. who took over from his father a couple of years ago as head coach at Empire after being the he man ‘pulling the strings’ in Empire’s midfield for years. Edwards had a short and unsuccessful stint his first time around before giving up the head coaching job. He started this season at Sea View Farm but was replaced after a sub-par start.

Warner won championships at Bassa and Sap and was expected to make Empire a title contender, if not this season at least in the near future. Whether or not he could achieve that goal will never be known as his time has come, losing his job in perhaps the team;s most agonizing defeat.

Empire won just two games and drew five under Warner and with the team’s pedigree that may not be suitable for the establishment and the fans. Empire is in its fiftieth year and has already won 14 titles with Epilus and his father playing a major role in most of those championships.

Empire may not have the talent to keep its place in the premiership with or without Warner but its obvious that those in charge of the club need new direction. As it stands Empire is second from the bottom of the table on 11 points, one ahead of Bullets.