For the first time this season Celtics FC knows what it is to lose a game in the ABFA First division, knocked off their ‘high horse’ by Bethesda 2-0 at Radio Range.

What a game it was as Celtics, despite four draws enjoyed its position at the top of the standings.

Bethesda, one of the teams that can be described as underachievers has been under pressure from home fans to play better and become a force in the league.

When both teams played in the first round, Bethesda squandered numerous chances and Celtics left the country with maximum points.

“We gave away that game,” said coach Everton “Say” Meade.

This team is leading the competition and we know we should have beaten them yet they are at the top and we are struggling in the middle of the pack.”

Thursday though was a different story as Bethesda showed that they are a better team than their stats suggest.

“These guys just do not understand how good they are,” Meade said.

Whatever the reason, Bethesda came out ready for the challenge.

After a nil-nil first half, Bethesda raised its game in the second half totally outplaying Celtics.

In the 70th minute the visitors struck ‘goal.’

Chansa Martin created a goal that by all accounts was something of a beauty.

On an offensive run started from the Bethesda goal, Martin picked up a ball at half line, beat two defenders and pass to Alva “Tungi” Samuel, who created his own magic.

Samuel held the ball and with three defenders waiting to pounce sent a ball through the defence to none other than an advancing Martin the original passer.

The defence never moved.

Alone with goalie Hollis Simon, Martin fainted left, Simon bit and Martin hit right into an open net.

Seven minutes later, the icing came.

Kiron Phillip was called for a handball in the area and referee Mervin Lee gave Bethesda a penalty.

Upset with the call, Phillip gave Lee a ‘tongue lashing’ and was given his walking ticket adding ‘insult to injury.’

Samuel hit past Simon on the spot kick and Bethesda doubled its advantage and went on to win inflicting Celtics first loss of the season.