Kingston, Jamaica – The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has joined with CONCACAF in implementing various integrity measures to protect the beautiful game and enshrine the statutes of fair play.

These Competition Integrity Measures were put into use during the CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Championship earlier this year and as the CFU stands on the cusp of commencing the 2014 Club Championships, they have decided to embrace these measures for all of their competitions.

The Competition Integrity programme will consist of: an Integrity Declaration form for all participating players to sign; an Integrity Declaration form for all participating referees to sign; Information material for players and referees about the threat of match fixing (contact details of our reporting mechanism and information brochures), and Integrity presentations for players, referees and other officials to inform them about their duties (how to react if they get approached).
President of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Gordon Derrick, is in full support of these initiatives and said this can only make the game better and build on the reputation of diligent players across the region.

“While it is sad that the game now requires these documents, I am at the same time proud to see that the CFU is helping to create the enabling environment for the game to be protected. All players and officials will be made aware of these procedures to protect what really is the beautiful game; and we are the people who want and need to keep it that way,” said the President.

To date there have been no allegations of match fixing in the CFU and the President intends to keep it that way.
“We are a proud people in the region who love this game. Our competitive desire far overrides the will to cheat, and we want that standard to remain in all of our competitions across the Caribbean. So with welcome arms we agree with CONCACAF and support this initiative.”