Deep in the waters of the Second Division we have 22 teams fighting tirelessly for promotion. At the Christmas break we took a look at the point standings to see if we could boldly predict which team will maintain their position or break into the Final 4. Bear in mind that 1 and 2 will gain automatic promotion into the First Division while 3 and 4 will go into a round robin with #8 from the said division.

Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts
1Hill Top FC 10 10 0 0 33 3 30 30
2Glanvilles FC 10 8 2 0 33 8 25 26
3Golden Grove FC 11 8 1 2 29 12 17 25
4ABAYA FC 11 7 3 1 18 10 8 24


In ascending order, we begin with ABAYA FC, occupying the 4th place position. The second string team from Parham are currently on 24 points from 11 matches. They endured a very good start to the season where they were unbeaten in their first eight matches. Like the mighty pharaohs ABAYA began to build a magnificent empire. Their only loss came at the hands of West Ham FC who are just 2 points behind on 22, but knocking hard at the doors of the Final Four. ABAYA will face under-dogs Black Panthers FC in their next encounter, hoping to improve their position.

Golden Grove FC started off well when they inflicted a 9-0 whopping on Real Blizzard FC in their first fixture. They went on to amass 25 points from 11 matches but only to be beaten by jealous brothers Tryum and Bendals and thrown into a pit. Despite the sibling rivalry Golden Grove would eventually secure the 3rd place spot, one point ahead of ABAYA. However, holding on to that spot will be quite a challenge since they will play host to the undefeated Glanvilles FC on January 6th.

A remarkable come-back by Glanvilles FC who made their way across the wilderness after suffering a slight setback in their fixture due to inclement weather. Heavy rains prevailed but they were safe in the arc. Mentally they overcame the odds and forced their way into 2nd place, while becoming the only other unbeaten team in the division. Regrettably they drew against West Ham and Black Panthers and as a result, dropped four vital points which now separates them and the top runner.

And in 1st place a very outstanding and impressive run of form by Hill Top FC as they recorded their best overall record of 10-0-0 by far the best in any of the ABFA male domestic competitions this season. Their veracious goal scoring appetite sees them accumulating a goal difference of 30, (33 for and 3 against).

In their last fixture they defeated Tryum FC 3-0 and moved on to 30 points, as they celebrated the best Christmas break position any club could hope for. The momentum going into the New Year will clearly work in their favour as well as against them, as they set themselves up as the team to beat.

In the earlier, Hill Top faced most of the teams from the bottom half but now they will be seriously challenged by teams from the top half such as West Ham, Bendals, Golden Grove, Glanvilles and ABAYA, trying to prevent them from reaching the land of milk and honey.  

President of Hill Top Elease Richardson indicated however that there are no big teams in the 2nd Division but the victory is there for the team who wants it the most.

All-in-all it promises to be a good show of sportsmanship and passion for the beautiful game. The competition will certainly burn hotter and hotter down in the Bush. Not even Moses will be able to stand the heat.



Submitted by Tryum Football Club – Never Stop Trying –