In the second of two games played in the ABFA Female League, on Saturday evening, July 6, Empire Star Girls took advantage of a sleeping Lady Sap, 20 seconds into the start.

It was a case of a bad decision of the Lady Sap custodian, who thought the opposing player was off-side and did not defend her goal. However, the linesman flag never went up and it was all left to Empire’s Carissa Hector to tap the ball into the goal.

Empire Star Girls

Then, an assist by Karen Warner gave the breakthrough for Jeanelle Jean to convert in the 18th minute for Empire Star Girls. Later, Samantha Harrison put the icing on the cake for Star Girls with a beauty of a shot in the 62nd minute which left Lady Sap’s goalkeeper without a prayer, the final score: Empire Star Girls 3, Lady Sap Nil.