Wednesday’s premier division double header may be the defining moment in the race for the prestigious national championship.

In game one, Lime Old Road on 26 points at the top of the point standings take on La Bussola Willikies before Champion Footwear Hoppers battle Special Security Services All Saints United.

Willikies can be considered the most improved team in the league this season and surely the team’s current form is as good as any team right now.

Young upstarts Akeem Weekes and Novel Francis have come of age in front of the fans at the ARG who are highly critical of players who ‘bark more than they bite.’

Weeks and Francis have certainly caught the eyes of the fans and the selectors must be taking notes.

In the first round of the competition, Old Road hammered Willikies 7-2 at that time the east men looked like they would not keep their place in the premiership.

Since that time however Willikies have improved tremendously.

Wednesday’s game will be interesting.

Old Road is poised to win the championship but following the team’s previous performance against bottom of the table Bullets, Willikies may relish the chance at revenge.

United play Hoppers in the feature match and while United did win 3-2 in the first round there is no certainty as to the outcome this time around.

Hoppers have issues in the defence especially with keeper Omarie “Spence” Joseph whose performances this season are much to be desired.

Defenders George “Sowa” Dublin and new addition Luke Blakely will have to improve tremendously if Hoppers is to revenge its first round defeat.

If Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas, Rolston “Lexi” Phoenix and Kelly Frederick on the frontline and the defence play according to their talents Hoppers can win.

As a matter of fact, Hoppers on 12 points, tied with Sea View Farm and third from the bottom of the standings need to make some space from the cellar.

Also, United needs to win to keep Old Road in its sight making this match very important.

Can United beat Hoppers a second time?


Surely, if All Saints play like they did on Sunday, Hoppers will take maximum points.

There is another dilemma for United.

If Old Road wins the opener then there is added pressure for United and

These are two must see games and may be the defining moment for the teams aiming for supremacy.