The transfer window is causing some pain for a number of teams in the ABFA Imobile premier division, as players are scurrying around like mice at the sound of a cat’s meow.

Even teams in the first and second divisions have fallen prey to the players’ movement during the window transfer.

According to Coach of Cool & Smooth Empire George “Cajawawa” Warner it’s not the players who have left but those who may be coming to Empire that should be the concerns of other clubs.

“I make hitz, others play them,” joked Warner, referring to rumors that Rolston “Lexi” Phoenix is headed to Empire from Champion Footwear Hoppers.

“I have worked with a lot of players since they were in the juniors.

“All I have to do is ask and players will be running to Empire,” Warner bragged.

It has been years since Phoenix has been rumored to come to Empire and Warner is of the view that the midfielder will come when he (Phoenix) is ready.

Whether more high-caliber players like Phonix is headed to Empire Warner is not telling, at least not yet.

“Time will tell,” Warner said, smiling, not letting the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Yes, time surely will tell what the exodus of players will mean to Empire, as well as who will be downing the jersey of the most successful club in the nation.

Bassa faced similar challenges at the end of last season yet is presently sitting at the top of the standings on 11 points.

So there may be hope for Empire after some six or seven players have left the former 13-time champions, including striker Kenny “Upper Level” Morgan.

The striker’s move to Asot Arcade Parham was no surprise to coach Warner and the coach who won a title with Sugar Ridge Sap is seeking no sympathy.

“His departure, which is more about him that it is about Empire did not shock me,” Warner stated.

“The fans have been calling for him to go.

“And you know how Empire fans can be.

With just one goal in six matches, a penalty in Empire’s lone victory Morgan has been much of a disappointment and an underachiever.

While Warner did not dismiss Morgan’s contribution or lack thereof thus far, the coach, on his second stint with Empire in five years is not perturbed over the striker’s departure.

“It’s obvious he (Morgan) did not want to be here.

“We have done a lot for him and what has he done for us so far,” Warner questioned then answered.

“Not much.”

“We gave him a chance to get on the score sheet by allowing him to shoot from the penalty spot.

“We knew he was having a rough time and we thought that a goal, even a penalty could boost his confidence.

“I guess we will never know (now that he is gone),” Warner said.

The extremely animated coach is expecting good things from his team now that those who did not want to be a part of his system have left.

“There is a lot of work to be done here.

“Now that the distractions are out of the way we can begin to concentrate on rebuilding our season,” the coach claimed.

Warner insisted that he has a group that can keep Empire in the Premierships despite its dismal record of just one win in seven games.

Hopefully, Warner will not be the one ‘bawling’ on his way to the first division at the end of the season.

And yes, only time will tell so hold the tears, at least for now.

Special feature by Ian “Magic” Hughes