At one time, Veron “Epilus” Edwards and Lenny Quashie were two of the most dominant midfielders representing Empire, the most successful club in the nation.

Today, both will once again team up, this time on a squad in danger of relegation unlike the team that won 14 championships during its 50-year history.

Edwards comes in following Empire’s most disappointing loss on Sunday against bottom of the table team, Pigotts Bullets.

Prior to Sunday’s matches, Empire had high hopes of beating Bullets making a move on Hospitality Services Sea View Farm, the team, at the time, one point ahead of Empire.

But Empire lost and Farm won.

Now Empire is on the verge of hitting bottom if Bullets can pull off another upset this week and Empire losses again.

Well, head of administration at Empire is not taking any chances and coach George “Cajawawa” Warner was replaced by Edwards who will have the services of Quashie in the middle.

Interestingly, Quashie made his return on Sunday in an attempt to bolster the team’s midfield as well as the team’s chances of staying in the premiership.

Needless to say, Quashie did not make a difference, at least not in the outcome as Bullets staged the upset.

The question today has to be, what can Edwards do that Warner was unable to do?

There is only one answer that Empire fans will want to hear and that is, win, win, win.

Unless Edwards can do that, with the help of Quashie, then Empire can expect to be relgated.

And it’s not just today that Edwards and Empire must win, they will have to continue to win to keep their premiership hopes alive.

Edwards’ first game will be against Sugar Ridge Sap today, a team that has been extremely inconsistent this season.

So which Sap will turn up?

Depending on the answer then Edwards may have a positive start to his second stint as coach of Empire.

If the Sap that got beaten by Willikies a few weeks ago turned up to play, then Empire has a shot.

On the other hand, if the Sap that took apart Asot Arcade’s Parham show up, then Empire will be in trouble.

Then again, Edwards as a past player, and perhaps the team’s most influential player ever, may be able to convince this team that it’s better than its record suggests.

It will be a monumental task for Edwards and Empire but who knows, more has been done with less at Empire over the years.

Today is ‘make or break’ for defending champions Asot’s Arcade Parham as it pertains to where they finish in the 2011-2012 premier division title race.

It’s painstakingly clear that Parham will not defend its championship, especially after the loss to Sap and two draws to Champion Footwear Hoppers and Lime Old Road.

Parham is 12 points from the lead and the title is beyond reach but where Parham finishes will be important.

This is also an opportunity to give the youth on the bench some experience as the team looks ahead to the future.

Coach Winston “Debu” Williams and his staff should realistically be looking ahead as well as take good look at the past season where there have been lots of positives.

Parham will not be relegated so from here on in it may be just about experimenting and making early preparations for next season.

Earlier in the year, Williams was criticized for making a bold statement that the ‘young players in Parham were not good enough to keep the team in the premiership.’

While that may be true, Williams will have to agree that many of those young players have developed by ‘leaps and bounds’ during the year.

In Parham’s previous encounter, a game against top of the table Old Road, Parham held a one goal lead until late in extra time when a penalty earned Old Road a point.

Williams was extremely angry at referee Curtis Charles for a number of reasons.

It was the coaches view that Charles made an error in judgment in awarding the penalty since the game, according the Williams went ‘too long,’ too much time added on.

Williams was extremely disappointed because his team came into the game with a number of injuries and it was the ‘youngsters who held their own against the league leaders.

So there are some positives for Williams and Parham despite the fact that the Cup may be out of reach.

Today, Parham come up against Bassa, one of the ‘young guns’ of the league coming off a very huge win over La Bussola Willikies.

Bassa is well coached under Schyan “Skemup” Jeffers so despite the team’s youth, should be a good test for the youngsters at Parham.

It would be interesting to see just how Parham reacts to the previous game where some of the young players at Parham openly cried after Old Road found the late goal.

At the same token Bassa cannot win the title therefore this match up may be a preview of what’s to come next season and beyond.

That said though, each team comes out to win every game and surely that will be on the minds of the players when they hit the field at the ARG today.

These should be two good and exciting games for the fans.