A month ago, that question would have been elementary.

Easily, the answer would have been Bassa.

Today though, as they take on Asot Arcade Parham in the finals of the inaugural King Swallow’s FA Cup that question takes some reflection.

After two weeks in Bassa looked like the team to beat in the premiership.

Parham’s season on the other hand was wobbly at best.

Since the transfer window opened at the end of last month however, Parham is a new team and the results have gone in Parham’s favour.

In the last two weeks they easily defeated Cool & Smooth Empire to get to the finals.

In league play Parham also dispatched of Sugar ridge Sap last week.

So with Parham playing much better ball and with Bassa idle last week, this matchup becomes very intriguing.

Bassa had beaten Parham in league play but this is a much improved team.

And it’s not just improvement in personnel with Eugene Kirwan and Kenny “Upper Level” Morgan in the lineup that has Parham playing well.

The team now believes it can win.

Kirwan’s status is uncertain but if he can play, he, along with Kerry “Arab” Skepple and Morgan Parham possess a potent offence.

Bassa’s also has a good offence but it’s the play of each team’s defence that should be the tale of the match and the subsequent outcome.

In league play, Bassa has given up nine goals while Parham is one better.

Both keepers will be tested in a game that is not so easy to predict.

In another game that should have some fans scratching their heads, Lime Old Road will take on Special Security Services All Saints United in a Chester Hughes derby.

For grabs will be the lead in the Premier Division.

All Saints stand at the top of the table on 13 points after six games, two ahead of Old Road who has played one game less.

Both are coming off huge victories.

United ran all over Bullets, 6-1 while Old Road destroyed Willikies, 7-2.

Well, today will be different and it would be surprising if so many goals were scored in this encounter.

Along with the lead, United must be coming into the game confident that they defeated Old Road earlier in the season during the FA Cup campaign.

United marched into Old Road and dismantled the home team before its home fans.

Coach Derrick “Pretty Boy” Edwards and Old Road must have revenge on their minds, which could be ‘good and bad’ coming up against a confident team like United.

Old Road cannot allow emotions to take over or they will be burned like they were in the FA Cup.

Both teams have scored lots of goals, United 17 and Old Road 16.

Old Road though has given up six strikes, two less than United, which sets the platform for a very interesting match.

With two days to go before Christmas, a win for either team may be the best Christmas gift ever.