It was another fantastic week 12 of football at the ARG. We had five phenomenal fixtures lined up in an action packed weekend.

In our first encounter:
Fort Road fights to stay out of Play-Off territory

The Sani Pro sponsored club came from behind to beat Lime Old Road 2-1 after both teams missed out on a number of chances to go ahead. Julio Fernandez was denied by the upright in the 14th minute while right-winger Tash Harris of Old Road attempted a diving header only to watch it float over the cross -bar.

He subsequently received a yellow card for executing the infamous “Hand of God”. Luckily the official was in full view of the deceptive act.

His Team-mate Zakeem Michael got the break-through in the 29th, to take the lead 1-0.
Five minutes into the second half Roger Hurst equalised with a strike from 20 yards out past Elroy Joseph in goal. Fort Road kept on the pressure and was reward with a second goal to give them the edge in the 76th minute.

In the feature match of the evening,:
Grenades Shell-Shock Bassa

Grenades Rakeem Henry improved his golden boot hunt to 13 when he scored a header in added time of the first half, 1-0. Elroy Shaw then made it 2-0 after taking a controversial “quick break” free kick when Bassa was still setting up their defensive wall. The players argued that it should have been called an indirect free kick, but the officials decided that the goal would stand.Bassa now trails in the 8th place playoff spot with their seventh defeat of the competition. Grenades, on the other hand, remain comfortable in 4th place.

In the first game of Sunday’s Triple Header:
SAP defeats 5 Islands 2-0

After surrendering to 2-1 to Hoppers last week, current champions SAP have seemingly returned to their winning ways. However, playing against a 9th place opponent, you would indeed expect them to win.
Odell Murray came down the middle in the 36 minute and tested the goalkeeper (GK) Gerson DeSilva, who parried the shot away to his right.Five Island’s Daniel Francis received a long ball from Deigo Silva putting him 1v1 with the keeper, but dragged his shot wide of the mark.

No goals scored in the first half of the game. Later in the second half, Francisco Abreu’s free kick proved too much for the GK, who caught the ball at chest height then somehow managed to let it slip through his legs, 1-0.
The pair of Peter Byers and Rockley Thomas seemed to be out of synch after Byers gifted Thomas with an easy sitter which he placed over the bar.

Substitute Gene Small would eventually make the difference as he slotted his shot home in the 82nd minute. The Final score in the first game of the Triple header 2-0.
Sap remains in third place on 25 points behind leaders Parham on 32 and Hoppers on 28.

Next Up:
Hoppers slam the breaks on Rangers

Ottos Rangers had an enjoyable run, winning their last three fixtures but little did they know that it would come to an end. Jamal Stevens had the opener for Hoppers in the 33 rd. minute when captain Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas’s strong FK was spilled by Tahari Lewis in goal. The poaching Stevens pounced on it in a flash and made them pay, 1-0.
Tahari Lewis did much better at the other end to stop a header from point blank range.
Hoppers had back to back opportunities to score in the 77 and 78, but both went sailing over the crossbar.

Finally, it was the captain who showed them how to get the job done by finishing off a header in the 82nd minute, 2-0 and securing yet another victory for his team.

Moreover, finally in the Main event:
Parham comes from behind to beat Urlings 4-1

Parham continued with their eyes set on the prize last Sunday after falling behind as Urlings grabbed a 7-minute head start, 1-0.

After re- composing, they forced an equaliser through Ranjae Christian in the 20th minute of play, 1-1.
Randolph “Etty” Burton had his shot blocked by the goalkeeper, keeping him off the score sheet. Parham jumped ahead once again through a goal mouth scramble claimed by Gayson “Bubbler” Gregory, 2-1.

Nazir McBernette made it 3-1 with 58 minutes on the clock while Gregory doubled his account in the 89th minute, 4-1.Parham remains in pole position with 32 points at the top with four clear points away from their closest rivals.
So with that result the fixture between Hoppers and Parham will be the one to watch as the two giants clash for the title.

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