After such a tumultuous season, former 14-time champions Cool & Smooth Empire have a chance today to beat La Bussola Willikies and get out of the relegation zone.
True, beating Willikies does not guarantee that Empire will keep its place by the end of the season but it’s a start.
In addition, third from the bottom is not a place Empire wants to be as they will find themselves in the playoff in order to remain in the premiership.
So starting on tomorrow, Empire must win and continue to do so for the rest of the season.
With just two wins so far, it’s very unlikely that Empire will win its remaining four matches including the Willikies match but if a team can pull that off its Empire.
Since Veron “Epilus” Edwards took over three games ago, Empire has a draw and two losses despite that fact that the team has looked a lot better.
But as most coaches will tell you they would rather win ugly than to lose pretty.
Willikies is extremely unpredictable and despite a number of huge wins this season is only two points ahead of Empire and third from the bottom.
This game is crucial for both teams as they look to keep their places in the premiership.
A win for Willikies takes them ahead of Sugar Ridge Sap another team with a disappointing season.
Fans can expect a very hard-fought contest and sadly for the men from east, Empire should win this one, therefore Willikies should brace itself for the playoffs or possible relegation.
In the first game two teams Hospitality Services Sea View Farm and Champion Footwear Hoppers, locked on 21 points will battle.
Both teams after subpar first rounds are arguably the hottest teams in the premiership with Farm playing surprisingly well.
There is no doubt that Farm is hot with a 4-1 win over Willikies followed by a 1-0 victory over Bullets in its previous two matches.
If Farm does go on to beat Hoppers then surely coach Janil “Board” Simon should be in contention for coach of the year, taking into consideration taking over a team in turmoil in the middle of the season.
Hoppers, the team that has occupied the second spot for years is also hot and is moving into that position after a false start.
Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas with eight strikes leads that team in scoring and is second behind Stephan “Tommy” Smith (13) of league leaders Lime Old Road.
So Hoppers should be motivated to not just win but to have Thomas make a run at Smith for the ‘Golden Boot.”
Kimoy Alexander with one strike less than Thomas may also love his chances of overtaking not just Thomas but Smith as well.
That should be motivation as well for both Farm and Alexander.
Today should be another great day in football for the fans.