Lady SAP took the 2012 ABFA Cool & Smooth Senior Women’s championship round south following a 1-1 draw over Lady 5PS in the second game of the Double Header at the Radio Range playing field.

Devita Edwards of Lady SAP capitalized on an open 5P’s back-door defense in the
16th minute of the first half sending a signal to the Defending Champs, that their reign was nearing an end. Lady SAP came into the game on 34 points only needed a draw to send the defending champs packing. Lady 5PS however were on 31 points and needed a win to retain their championship.

Both teams seemed evenly poised with a number of chances at either end. However,
a handled ball in the SAP penalty area, as both teams bunched, gave 5P’s Amelia
Greene the equalizer in the 25th min from the penalty spot to level with Lady SAP towards the end of the first half.

The second half resumed where both teams kept knocking on the door of each other’s goal but it was inevitable that both Goal Keepers Anik Jarvis of Lady 5PS and Dominique David of Lady SAP held firm as countless runs were made on both keepers who exhibited some excellent saves to keep their gates closed for the 1-1 draw at the final whistle.

Lady Hoppers and Empire Star Girl played to nil all in the first game of the Double Header. The first half ended nil all as both Goal Keepers exhibit some excellent saves even after numerous attempts were made on both goals.

The score line at the end of the game nil all reflected the quality of the game and the work of both custodian throughout the game. The point earn by Empire Star Girls took them to 27 point to earn the 3 spot place in the Cool & Smooth ABFA Women’s Finals.

Kai Jacobs will be awarded the Golden Boots for her 15 goals throughout the tournament. The Junior league will continue after the carnival celebrations.