The following players have been selected to attend national team training in preparation for the upcoming matches Trinidad and Tobago and St. Kitts on the 29th February and 3rd March 2012 respectively.



Molvin James (Old road)

Keita Di Castro (Parham)

Olson Ford (Willikies)

Tahari Lewis (Parham)


George Dublin (Hoppers)

Karanja Mack (SAP)

Akeem “Leppy” Thomas (Parham)

Luke Blakey (Hoppers)

Brian Edwards (Bassa)

Troy Dublin (Bassa)

Gavin Lewis (Villa)

Dave Carr (Old Road)


Jamie Thomas (Parham)

Kimoy Alexander (Seaview Farm)

Eugene Kirwan (Parham)

Rolston Phoenix (Hoppers)

Quinton Griffith (All Saints)

Lawson Robinson (All Saints)

Tamarley Thomas (Hoppers)

Ken Pennyfeather (Hoppers)


Ranji Christian (Empire)

Gason Gregory (Old Road)

Kerry Skepple (Parham)

Stephan Smith (Old Road)

Randolph Burton (All Saints)

Peter Byers (SAP)

Lloyd Jeremy (Potters)

Fernando Abraham
National Team Manager