Special feature by Ian “magic” Hughes

The rumor mill is hot in Antigua & Barbuda football.
Main topic is that national utility player Ranjae Christian is leaving Cool & Smooth Empire for Asot’s Arcade Parham.
Not so, says, Christian.
“I have not had any conversation with anyone about moving from Empire,” says Christian, who went to the Grays Farm club at the start of the season.
Christian is one of about 10 players who left Bassa in a full scale exodus.
The national player was expected to bring his leadership qualities and hard-nosed play to a young, inexperienced Empire team.
But Empire is struggling.
Until Saturday, Empire was winless and had scored just two goals in five matches.
Fans began to complain that Christian is not a good fit at Empire.
Joseph “jojo” Apparecio on his hit show “Good Morning Jojo” on Hitz 91.9 Fm hinted that he had information about Christian leaving during the transfer window which opens 1st December.

Fans took the bait and the phone lines went hot and the questions began pumping.
‘Is Ranjae is leaving?’
Then the questions turned to speculations, and then in a moment’s time there was the rumor became ‘true,’ just like that.
Empire’s coach George “Cajawawa” Warner is not listening to the rumors since he is not aware of any such move by Christian from Empire.
Warner is looking to turn around Empire’s poor start, with or without Christian.
On Saturday, with Christian in the lineup, Empire blanked Bullets 3-0, the team’s first win, an impressive performance, which cannot be taken for granted.
While Christian and Warner have denied the fact that the utility player is leaving Empire, the transfer window opens 1st December and runs for 14 days.
Christian understands that while he has had no conversation about a possible move, he does not have the final say.
“I’m on contract and obligated to play with Empire but I don’t control what happens,” he mused.
The veteran player recognizes that as a professional, his services can be bought by whoever is interested.
For now though he insists that he never had any conversation with anyone to move from Empire to Parham.
He even questions how he would fit into a Parham setup if that was the case.
“Where would I fit,” he asked.
Well just as some fans don’t see Christian as a good fit at empire perhaps he could find a place in Parham or any other club in the premiership for that matter.