Today, Lime Old Road can beat main rivals Special Security Services All Saints United and walk into the national history book of Antigua & Barbuda.
Old Road needs three points from four games.
With just one loss in 14 matches, winning the title is likely but Old Road wants to win its first trophy today with a victory over United.
Earlier in the week coaches of United and Old Road spoke to the media not just about this game but on their team’s performances.
Surely, United, one of the teams picked as preseason favorites to win the title have not lived up to its billing.
Liza Hastings of United believes that Old Road will win the title but he does not want them to take the title with a win over his team.
He is also aware of the fact that United is not playing to their abilities, especially those players (Randolph “Etty” Burton, Cowen “Lucie” Mathurin and Conroy “Janks” Hall) who are chosen to lead.
“I think that the senior players in my mind have not lived up; have not pulled their weight when the team required them to do so,” Hastings told the Daily Observer’s Neto Baptiste.
“I think they have failed the team big time so obviously the senior players, in my estimation are the ones who should shoulder the burden of the team, taken the team on their shoulders and taken it to where Old Road is at this moment and we definitely failed in doing so.
“They were asked.
“We tried to inspire them to do so but they just never delivered.”
The question is though will these players show up today to stop Old Road, at least for a moment as Hastings recognizes that it’s Old Road’s cup to lose.
“My honest opinion, I think that Old Road obviously will win the championship whether or not we defeat them on Sunday (Today).
“I think definitely they will win the championship.
“They have been the team and have notched up points and I don’t see Old Road losing three games out of four or losing four games,” said Hastings.
But today is all about revenge as Hastings wand to stop the trend of losing to Old Road.
On the other side Old Road’s coach Derrick “Pretty Boy” Edwards is not waiting, he wants the championship today with a win over United.
Prior to that game however, Sugar Ridge Sap and Bassa will battle in a key encounter after defending champions Asot’s Arcade Parham and bottom of the table Pigotts Bullets.
Sap needs a victory and Peter “Big Pete” Byers is still searching for his first goal of the season.
If the season was to end today, Sap will have to enter the playoffs to stay in the premiership, a spot that they need to get out of.
Bassa is not ‘out of the woods’ as it pertains to playoffs and after a great start must win to secure their spot in the premiership.
It’s very unlikely that bullets will stay in the premier division but a win over Parham would be a high point for a disappointing season.
Parham may look back on this season with disgust but without doubt Eugene Kirwan and Peter Reds have been two of the brightest stars in the premier division this season.
Today should be another great day for football