Making the headlines:
Parham leads the title chase after beating Fort Road, 2 goals to 0
Griffith Fires Rocket Launcher as Urlings Surrenders to Bassa 2 goals to 1
Grenades Explode on 5 Island’s 2 goals to 0, Brazilian Striker MIA
Old Road suffers casualties but defeats Rangers 3-2
Hoppers Puts an end to SAP’s 28 game unbeaten streak, 1-0

In our first contest we witnessed:
Asot Arcade’s Parham jumping into the lead of the Title race after beating Fort Road, 2 goals to 0.

Parham,… struggling early in the first half of the game… had a warm time getting past Fort Road’s ….Central Defender,…….. Milton Correa put a stop, to at least 7 of Parham’s attacks.
However, Parham were relentless in their game plan and were up 1-0 when Gayson “Bubbler” Gregory put them ahead in the 14th minute.

Unfortunately, Fort Road’s goal keeper (GK) Javaughn Williams got injured in the process of that goal being scored and had to abandon the game to seek medical attention.

Jafari Thomas replaced him eventually and gave a good account of himself as the #2 GK. He made at least 4 good saves before Parham breached his defense. Nazim McBernette got the final touch putting his team firmly in the driving seat, 2-0.
Nevertheless, Thomas continued to keep well, preventing any additional damage to the score line. The victory now puts Parham in 1st place on 13 points one ahead of SAP.

Parham’s head coach Rolston “Debu” Williams told our roving reporter that His team “Didn’t execute well. The Opponents played very defensive” However his team stuck to game plan and got the victory.

Going forward against SAP, Williams indicated that his team needs to be good Tactically, Intelligent and Execute Well.

We also spoke to the club’s leading scorer this season Gayson “Bubbler” Gregory with 5 conversions so far. His comments were that SAP is unbeaten since last season so the match-up is expected to be one of the biggest matches of the season.

In the feature match of the evening we saw:
Urlings Surrendering 2 – 1 to Bassa despite Griffith’s long ranged Rocket Launcher

This one proved to be a very interesting battle as both teams were in search of their first victory since the start of the season. Both teams were sparring, jabbing and throwing punches for over half an hour but neither team landing the final knockout punch.

That is, until the 37th minute when Bassa pressured the Urlings defense and forced them into an Own Goal situation, 1-0. Then on the stroke of Half time Bassa won a penalty decision which they converted through Doshorn Brown, 2-0.

Urlings’ talisman, Quinton Griffith made his appearance in the second half and took charge as the teams play maker, coordinating the free kicks and urging his team-mates to press and attack.
Fans at the ARG were treated to one of his trade mark shots, the “rocket launcher” which he unleashed from 30 yards out, dead on target.

As spectacular as his shot was, it was a matter of “too little too late” as the time expired with Urlings still without a win after 5 rounds of matches. Next week they will take on neighbors Lime Old Road for another round-south derby.

In the first game of Sunday’s Triple Header:
Grenades Explode on 5 Island’s 2 goals to 0, Brazilian Striker Missing in Action

Another beautiful afternoon for football at the ARG; Jennings Grenades turning up the heat on 5 Islands as if the 3:00 sun wasn’t hot enough. A barrage of shots coming in on target from corners, free kicks and in regular play, bombarding the 5 Islands GK Gerson Dosilva, keeping him very busy between the uprights.

Grenades continuously knocking on the doors looking for the opener thought it came in the 41st minute when Rakeem Henry broke through the lines of defense and into the box but only to drag his shot wide of the mark. My my, he’s definitely going to regret missing that one for sure. Half time score 0-0

Not a word from the Brazilian, not his fault though. It’s very disappointing to see that his team-mates could not get him more involved in the game, when most people came to see him in action. Brazilian Int’l Deigo Silva who rocked the stadium last week with two magnificent shots was substituted in the second half. However, in the first half, hmmm….let’s just say he had a bad day at the office.

Besides, it would take some time before either team could get it right as we resume with the second half play………”Well Saved” by Gerson, stopping a header aimed right at the goal.
Henry who missed out on his shot earlier redeemed himself when he finally got the opener in the 73rd minute, 1-0. His brace came 14 minutes later from Oalex Anderson’s assist 2-0.

And with that loss 5 Island remains stuck on 0 points from 5 matches while Grenades will advance to 12 points.

Next Up:
Old Road suffers casualties but defeats Ranger 3-2

The second match of the evening featured a David and Goliath fixture, new comers Ottos Rangers to face back to back champions Lime Old Road.

Both teams probing and searching for weaknesses in each other’s defense but the powerful forward, Stephan Smith of Old Road wounded little David in the 24th minute 1-0. Goal number 2 was scored in the 38th minute by Renford Harris putting more pressure on the little shepherd boys.

Rangers, the resilient under dogs, managed to pull one back in the 62nd minute. Tian Miller converted from the penalty spot when Junior “Eto” Benjamin was brought down in the box, 2-1.

Rangers smelling victory applied pressure late on and yes got their reward through a beautiful shot from Shaquille Carr into the far left corner equalizing 2-2.

Game tied in the 90 minute, can Rangers hold on for the even Steven?……..Nooooo!, Old Road finding the back of the net in added time to take the lead, 3-2 and sinking Rangers into further turmoil.

That’s it the final whistle…… Not enough time left. Goliath crushing David in this battle. Sorry David, Better luck next time.

And Finally In the Main event: The feature match of the evening:
Hoppers with the 1-0 victory putting an end to SAP’s 28 game unbeaten streak

Cool and Smooth – Argos Greenbay Hoppers becomes the first team to defeat Hadeed Group of Companies SAP in over a year. According to an executive member, the Bolans men have nurtured this record responsibly with 4 this season, 18 last season and 6 in the season before.

And it only took 1 goal which occurred in the 18th minute when Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas outran the defenders took his time and slotted him home past the goal keeper.
At the other end Peter Byers took a powerful free kick from distance. The shot was indeed off target but on its way out almost beheaded the ball boy.

Both teams were, therefore, making their intentions known, Eugene Kirwan coming close hitting only the side netting. SAP patiently looking for the equalizer, Okeem Soda Challenger coming close as well.
The crowds cheering and encourage the players responding to every near goal opportunity. Happy to see the two heavy weights going at it, but that’s all it would be for the fans. The game was full of excitement, however finishing 1-0 in favor of Hoppers.

And with that result Hoppers and Parham remains the only unbeaten teams. Bigger match ups coming your way next week.

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