Shotgun prevailed beating its Johnsons rivals Black Panthers 2-0 to gain bragging rights, at least for now in the home of both teams last night.

The Johnsons’ mini stadium was the scene.

A wet pitch and two teams who are both struggling in the ABFA Imobile Second division took to the field and from the start it was clear that Shotgun was the team of choice.

The villagers came out in their numbers to witness the derby and for most parts were not disappointed, depending on which team fans were supporting.

Shotgun controlled most of the possession in the first half and was rewarded with a goal in the 36th, a firmly hit Karon “Mad Max” Maximin strike from the edge of the six.

The Panthers keeper tried desperately to prance on the ball but to no avail as the ball rushed past him and into the back of the net, 1-0 Shotgun.

Black Panthers never really looked like scoring in the first half and Shotgun took their fortunes into the break, holding onto that slim lead.

Coming out of intermission, Black Panthers appeared hungry, but rather than attacking the goal they attacked a number of players who had to be carted off following strong (to be kind) challenges.

Baldwin “Spliff” Anthony, one of the older players in the league came onto the pitch for Shotgun to stem the Panthers ‘strong’ play.

His presence seemed to give confidence to his teammates and once again they controlled possession and made the move for their second goal.

This time, the Panthers were caught napping.

A through ball to caught one of the Shotgun players in an off side position, but he never made a move onto the ball.

With the Panthers waiting for an unnecessary whistle, Bernard Agustus ran past the defence, picked up the ball on the edge of the 18, pushed twice before slotting home, 2-0 Shotgun.

The Black Panthers players argued in vain to the referee and his assistant.

Even some fans protested while others cheered and jeered at what was happening on the pitch.

It was a beautiful night for football.

An almost hot red moon rose in the east, just as a British Airways jet passed directly over the stadium en route to V.C Bird International hopefully filled with tourists coming to holiday in beautiful Antigua & Barbuda.

Prior to the derby, Tryum beat Jennings United 4-1 in a one sided affair