Sugar Ridge Sap will have national striker Peter “Big Pete” Byers in its lineup in January.

Until such time, Sap will have to do without Byers service, which he took to Asot Arcade Parham last season winning a champion for that club.

Sap would have wished to have Byers on Saturday when they took on Parham at the ARG where they went under 2-0.

Second half goals by Ricky Charles and Gary Harriette were all the defending champions needed to put away Sap who came to two without head coach Charles “Charlie” Weston.

Weston, reportedly off island was replaced on the bench by Karl Casey.

It was Parham’s first league game since the transfer window opened and subsequently closed.

Parham’s coach Rolston “Debu” Williams made it very clear that he would ‘shop’ around for players during the transfer period.

And he did, picking up two key players in Empire’s Kenny Morgan and Eugene Kirwan from Hoppers.

Both played critical roles in the team victory and will be expected to give Parham a chance at defending its title.

Parham also welcome the return of nifty striker Jamie “Taliban” Thomas and with Kirwan, Morgan as well as Kerry “Arab” Skepple Parham is extremely potent upfront.

“I’m happy with what I see,” said Williams following the Parham victory.

“We still have some kinks to iron out but I am pleased with this offence, which can hold its own against any defence in this competition.”

The coach also believes that Parham will get better in time and with the end of the league some distance away he has a good chance to defend his title.

“Once these guys learn to play with each other they will definitely improve,” the coach explained.

“This is just their second game (including FA Cup) together and the more they play the more confidence they will have in each other.

“The defence has played well and with this offence coming together we have a good chance.”

With the win Parham improve to seven points, four points from the top of the table while Sap remained on eight points.

Parham has played six matches, one more than Sap.