The main reason of playing in the premiership is to win the title.

The reality is though, is that many teams spend weeks attempting to stay in the top flight as they stave off relegation.

For some teams it’s just as difficult winning the title as it is to stay in the premiership.

On Saturday, in the feature match at 7 o’clock two teams, Cool & Smooth Empire and Pigotts Bullets play in a bottom of the table clash.

Surely on the minds of both teams is the thought of relegation and what they can do to keep their respective premiership hopes alive.

Empire is a 14-time champion and knows the joys of winning the cup.

Bullets on the other hand have never being so fortunate to hold on to the title, as a matter of fact staying in the premiership has been an immense challenge for the Pigotts men.

Empire is second from the bottom on 10 points, three ahead of Bullets in the cellar.

They come into Saturday’s game perhaps full of energy after coming from a goal down against Hospitality Services Sea View Farm to tie in their last encounter.

They would more than likely fancy their chances of beating Bullets and at least make a move away from the dreaded two at the bottom, mandatory relegation.

There are a couple of teams ahead of Empire and with a string of victories the former champs can get away from the relegation zone.

For that to happen, Empire has to start against the team below them.

If they fail to win, then surely those teams ahead will be more confident when they meet Empire.

This game is crucial for both teams, much more so for Empire who celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

A place in the First Division cannot be where Empire would like to spend its fiftieth.

While Bullets have shown signs of improvement, staving off relegation may be too much to ask.

The thing is though while Bullets may not be able to stave off relegation they may be able to impede the progress as well as pull some other team with them to the first division.

In game one on Saturday, L:a Bussola Willikies and Bassa FC battle for