The latest results of the ABFA Second Division ended up good for some, bad for others and ugly for the rest. Similar to the epic western movie starring Clint Eastwood, that coined the famous phrase “When you have to shoot…Shoot! Don’t talk. Missed opportunities don’t come back around after the final whistle.

In the most unlikely turn of events eight outlaws ended their matches in a “draw” while the new sheriff in town Hill Top FC and bounty hunters Police FC were the only two teams to hit their targets.

Last Saturday Harney Motors Tryum was found struggling against cellar-dwellers HUF Hatton Stars. Tryum who were fifth in the standings were expected to raise their goal average at the end of this encounter. However, it was the Hands Up Foundation team who went ahead 1-0, in the first half.

Tryum, who became complacent, brought themselves down to the level of their opponents and in turn were on the back-foot for most of the match. In the second half a long ball pass from the middle, evaded the Hatton defence and headed straight for the goal keeper (GK) who couldn’t pick up from being outside of the box. He instead allowed it to go through his legs then chased desperately after it along with the sweeper. To their dismay the pace was too much for them and both ended up bursting through the net (literally).

Tryum protested throughout and after the match that the officials were in favour of the opposition never-the-less the match ended 1-1 with the event turning out good for Hatton but ugly for Tryum.

Further over Nut Grove hill, Wadadli 5P’s offered themselves as target practise for the sharp-shooting Hill Top FC. Their fixture ended 4-0, with chief marks-man Yafeu Lake taking his tally to 17 goals at an average of 1.4 goals per match. Hill Top remains the only unblemished team in the entire ABFA set-up. With a record of 12-0-0, winning the title seems inevitable but winning the title undefeated, now that’s worth talking about. The outcome ended bad for 5P’s but good x12 for the Hill Top team.

On Monday more outlaws came to town and this is how the showdown went down.

West Ham squared off against Jennings Ut’d and opened fire in the fifth minute, 1-0. Jennings then returned fire wounding the Hammers twice, taking a 2-1 lead. A penalty halfway through the second half would put West Ham back on equal terms, 2-2.

After 14 matches West Ham remains in 6th place on 24 points but disappointed not to have knocked Tryum out of the 5th place spot.

10th place Bethesda and 16th place CPTSA Wings fought to an un-inspiring 0-0 draw. Nobody move ,Nobody get hurt.

Glanvilles had a chance to keep close on the heels of Hill Top when they played hosts to Young Warriors FC. They started the game 4 points behind the leaders but a disappointing 3-3 finish opened a 6 point gap between them and the top gunners.

Glanvilles went ahead 3-0 in the first half but an inspiring half-time team-talk by head coach Collin James spurred his team into the grandest comeback of the competition.

The result puts Glanvilles on 30 points – same as ABAYA – but with a game in hand. Great, come-back for Warriors. Not good for Glanvilles. See table for full standings.

Last but not least, the sharp-shooting, bounty-hunting Police FC – the only entity licensed to shoot at will. As a matter of fact they did so with an emphatic 4-1 victory over Shotguns FC. It would appear that “shot-guns” were not the right weapon of choice on that day.

Cecil Daley, the club’s top cop, jokingly stated (on the Spliff Sports Show), that the raid at Johnston’s ended with the seizure of 4 shot guns. Luckily “Spliff” was not on site or he too would have been confiscated.  


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Compliment of Tryum FC … Never Stop Trying