ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (February 7, 2016) – The venerable Villa Lions began a spirited defence of their 2015 cleansweep in the Gomez/Netherlands Insurance Youth Football League on Saturday with wins in all but one division.

The U-7 boys beat Generation Next FC-1 1-0 and Northern Patriots 6-0; the U-11 team defeated Generation Next
FC-1 squad 3-1 and Pigotts 6-2; Villa’s U-13 team also had the better of Generation Next 6-1; and the U-16 side beat
Young Warriors 5-0. Sap FC, meanwhile, rubbed the shine off what would have been a Lions’ week one rout with a 3-2
victory in the U-9 division.

The start of season two, one week later than originally scheduled owing to inclement weather, painted the pitch
at American University of Antigua (AUA) in a rainbow of colours from the 50 teams representing the 17 clubs in the hunt for top honours.

The participating clubs are All Saints, Empire, Generation Next, Grays-Green, New Generation, Northern
Patriots, Old Road, Pares, Pigotts, Rangers, Sap, Soccer Academy, Swalings, Swetes, Villa Lions, Willikies and Young

The League’s Chief Operations Officer Micah Samuel gave opening day a high mark, with commendations for the
coaches, players and supporters.

“The club organisers came out with positive attitudes and the teams – from the youngest to the eldest, but
especially the older ones from U-9 and upwards – had an apparent sense of purpose. As I went from pitch to pitch, I saw coaches gathering their teams together in pre-and-post game meetings. And I was also pleased with the support of the parents and other spectators,” Samuel said.

“From an organizational perspective, we have a few minor kinks to work out, but I’d give week one the thumbs
up. As far as I’m concerned football, the present and the future, was the winner,” Samuel added.

Villa Lions FC 6-0 Northern Patriots
Willikies FC 2-0 All Saints FC
Grays Green FC 0-3 Young Warriors
Old Road FC 0-2 Swalings FC
GNFC-1 0-1 Villa Lions FC
Pigotts FC 4-2 Swalings FC
Soccer Academy 0-2 Willikies FC
Sap FC 3-2 Villa Lions FC
Pares FC 2-0 Grays Green FC
GNFC=1 2-0 Pigotts FC
GNFC-1 1-3 New Generation FC
Villa Lions FC 6-2 Pigotts FC
Soccer Academy 2-6 Northern Patriots
Swalings FC 1-3 Willikies FC
Young Warriors FC 1-8 GNFC A
GNFC-1 1-3 Villa Lions FC
GNFC 1-6 Villa Lions FC
Empire FC 0-2 New Generation
Rangers FC 7-3 Willikies FC
Pares FC 3-4 Sap FC
Soccer Academy 0-1 Swetes FC
GNFC 0-1 Empire FC
Empire FC 2-0 Pares FC
GNFC 1-0 Willikies FC
Old Road FC 7-0 Rangers FC
Swalings FC 2-2 Pigotts FC
Young Warriors 0-5 Villa Lions FC
GNFC 0-3 Empire FC