Hoppers 22 vs bullets 12

Sap 18 vs Farm 22

Can Hoppers dodge Bullets

Today’s double header at the ARG in the ABFA premier division should be a dandy.

In game one, Champion Footwear Green bay Hoppers take on Pigotts before Sugar Ridge Sap battle Hospitality Services Sea View Farm.

Both Farm and Hoppers are locked on 22 points and will be hoping to win in hopes of a top three finish in the competition.

Last week Hoppers and Farm drew 1-1 but with different opponents today the results may be different this time around.

Hoppers is facing the team in the cellar yet despite its record, Bullets have played some real good games this season and it’s unfortunate that the team is in that position.

Take for instance last week against defending champions Asot’s Arcade Parham Bullets came very close to winning only to grab a point in a 3-3 draw.

They defeated Cool & Smooth Empire a couple of weeks ago and lost by a goal against the team leading the competition, Lime Old Road.

Hoppers may fancy its chances of taking down Bullets but they cannot be complacent as the Pigotts men’s backs are against the wall and desperate for points.

Bullets have scored 18 goals thus far and Hoppers have given up 22, which suggest that Bullets, with three goals against Parham may not be an easy walkover.

Thus far, Hoppers have scored 27 goals and Bullets have let in 34.

All things equal Hoppers should win but there is no telling what the outcome will be since Bullets’ back is against the wall.’

The feature game is extremely interesting for more than one reason.

Firstly, Sap is courting the relegation playoff with just 18 points and fourth from the bottom.

They need to win in order to breathe easier.

Farm may not have to worry about relegation however the team may be looking for the award of most improved team this season.

They have a strong case.

A top five finish for farm would certainly give them that award, especially taking into consideration the team’s start of the season and the turmoil that ensued.

Additionally, there is a family affair going on with these two teams and bragging rights may be up for grabs.

Coach of Farm, former national goalie Janill “Board” Simon was part of the Sap team that won the premiership a few years ago.

Simon is also the brother of national striker Peter “Big Pete” Byers, Sap’s main striker.

So as “Cain meets Abel” (brother against brother (Peter versus Janill)) there is no doubt that this game will be hard fought.

Simon may be Byers’ number one fan and may be the one person who knows how to stop is brother from scoring.

But even if Simon neutralizes Byers, Rackley “Leech” Thomas as well as Okeem “Soda” Challenger may be Simon’s main challenge.

Farm is in on nick.

They have not lost in three games and may be on a high going in today’s match.

It’s all in today in both games and the fans will benefit.