Westham FC captured the ABFA second division championship finishing the competition with 59 points from 22 matches.
Westham defeated Hilltop 2-0 in its final outing to finish its season in style before a home crowd at Blackburn Park in Villa.

Led by strikers N’Degwa Malone and Terran Buckley with 24 goals between them Westham kept pace with English Harbour until the finals weeks of the competition when they took over the lead for good.
The team from the Villa/Point community is hoping to get back to the top flight after a couple of seasons in the lower leagues.
Now with promotion to the first division, Westham’s journey is on the right track.
Petra Williams, Pro and head of the Westham youth program says that savor the club is relishing the moment as champions of the second division.
“Westham is very pleased to have won the second Division Title.
“It has been a long time since we have come out on top and we are savoring the moment.
“The reward for hard work is more hard work, therefore after a brief break for a couple of weeks we will begin to focus on retaining our place in the First Division, Williams said.
Westham finished with an impressive record, 19 victories, one loss and two draws, scoring 65 goals and giving up nine strikes along the way.
The champions gave up the second least goals in the competition, one more than Liberta, the team that finished six points behind them, tied on points with English Harbour.
The team that will join Westham in the first division next season will be determined today when Jennings Grenades take on John Hughes at Johnstons.
A win for Grenades and they move to the first division ahead of English Harbour the team that scored an amazing 95 goals for the season.
Both Harbour and Liberta finished on 53 points, one ahead of Grenades.