The sour look on the faces of the Sugar Ridge Sap fans told the story at the end of the ABFA Imobile Obsever Premier Division encounter against Busola Willikies at the ARG on Thursday.

The former champions went under 0-2 to newly promoted Willikies in the feature match following a first division encounter between Virgin Holidays Fort Road and Freemans Village.

Fort Road won that encounter 1-0, a game they should have won by at least a four-goal margin.

But it was the Sap loss that was the ‘talk’ and will continue to be the topic of football for some time to come.

Both teams were coming off losses.

Sap had fallen 0-2 to defending champions Asot Arcade Parham while Willikies was mauled a 7-2 at the hands of Lime Old Road.

Sap came into the season with renewed interest after a sub-par 2010-2011.

With new equipment by sponsors Sugar Ridge and hopes of another title Sap seemed ready for ‘big things’ this season.

The round south team got off to a relatively good start racing to eight points, flirting with the teams at the top of the standings.

Sap is awaiting the services of the nation’s top striker in Peter “Big Pete” Byers and appears to be stuck in ‘wait’ gear.

The loss to Willikies was as unpredictable as Sap’s inconsistent play over the years.

The east side team, along with coming off the pounding to Old Road had two starters including its most senior player Winston “Sprocket” Roberts out due to red cards during the beating.

Willikies was not supposed to win, but that’s why ‘they play the game.’

Sap had its chances but Olson “Heights” Ford was like ‘Stonewall Jackson’ in goal after given up seven strikes last time around.

Not so on Thursday as ‘Heights’ pulled off save after save to perhaps salvage willikies season.

Willikies went ahead in the 37th minute, a run at a ‘sleeping’ Sap defence and Akeem Weekes made them pay, 1-0 Willikies.

Trailing at the break Sap was expected to come out on fire, instead they were as cold as the breeze that had fans squirming in the stands at the ARG.

Men in T-shirts were calling for winter coats as the mercury appeared to drop below zero.

Let’s just say it was extremely cold and Sap played like the weather.

In contrast Heights and Willikies heated up in the cold and with Sap applying an off-side trap was able to find the goal that would ice the game.

It was that man Weekes, again, this time he was the assist man.

Sap took many chances at tying the game and on one such occasion got burned on a counter attack by Willikies.

Weekes ran past the Sap trap on the right side before passing to a wide open Novel Francis who had followed on the left.

Sap keeper Miguel could do nothing but watch as Francis bubbled the ball on the pass from Weekes before he slammed it into the open net.

Byers will have his work cut out for him when he makes his first start of the season in a little over a week if Sap is to contend for a title.

Willikies can enjoy this win, which has to be extremely fulfilling after the beating they took form Old Road.

Perhaps there is more to come from the newly promoted side.

Earlier, Ford Road’s victory elevated them to 20 points, five adrift of Celtics who also won 1-0 over Lion Hill on Thursday to maintain its lead at the top of the first division.

Urlings also had a 1-0 victory over Guydadli in another first division encounter.