Glenn’s Pet Paradise Lady Greenbay Hoppers defeated Lady Swetes 3 goals to nil on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Portia Davis found the back of the net in the 32nd and 66th minute. Team Captain Arianne Whyte scored in the 60th minute.

Lady Hoppers FC

Cool, and Smooth Empire Star Girls defeated Lady SAP 4 goals to 1 on Wednesday 29, July. Josie Baker of Lady SAP scored the lone goal for her team in the 18th minute. Empire Star Girls Karen Warner scored in the 33rd and 61st minute, Jenequa Lewis scored in the 38th minute along with Nikisha Samuel in the 68th minute.

Empire Star Girls 2016

The ABFA Women’s A-League continues on Friday, July 1 at Radio Range @ 5:00 pm. Freemans Village Scorpions vs. CPTSA Wings.