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Winners against losers

Two teams that lost last week will try to get back in wining form when the premier division gets under way at the ARG on Saturday.

Champion Footwear Hoppers will take on La Bussola Willikies in game one before defending champions Asot’s Arcade Parham battle Sugar Ridge Sap.

Willikies must be on a high after beating Sap last week, spoiling the return of Peter “Big Pete” Byers the nation’s top striker to the premier division.

Byers missed most of the first round of competition.

Except for a powerful volley that rocked the woodwork Byers was held at bay by a pesky Willikies defence and Sap was blanked 3-0.

This week Byers and Sap should find a more stubborn defence in Parham and a much more potent offence, arguably one of the best in the league.

Last season it was Byers who played a pivotal role in Parham’s championship bid and the ‘boyz from Brazil’ as they are called should know Byers’ capabilities.

At anytime Byers can win a game, almost singlehandedly and notwithstanding not scoring last week this is another day and Parham must pay attention.

Sap is a wounded team and with or without Byers they have shown that are not up to the challenge in the premiership.

Wake up Sap!

You are just one of three teams on 11 points and third from the bottom on the point standings with relegation just a stone’s throw in the distance.

Cool & Smooth Empire on 10 points and Bullets, seven points are the two teams in the cellar with Sap, Hoppers and Hospitality Services Sea View Farm tied one point ahead.

If this wakeup call does not light a fire under the feet of the Sap players and coaching staff then perhaps nothing else will.

Parham however cannot take Sap for granted.

They must come out to play and it would be a good bet that they come out firing, hoping to knock Byers and Sap out of the premiership.

Eugene Kirwan, Garry “Peter Reds” Harriett and Kerry Skepple are playing very well on the frontline but scoring goals alone do not guarantee victory.

Parham will have to keep Byers and Okeem “Soda” Challenger out of the back of the net.

Keita DeCastro in Parham’s goal has to come with his A-game as well.

This should be a very exciting match after the Hoppers and Willikies encounter another game that should provide some excitement.

Willikies is coming off that high after they took out Sap while Hoppers must be licking its wounds after losing to Lime Old Road.

Willikies be careful!

Yes, last week was great but this is a different team, one that has beefed up its defence in the addition of central defender Luke Blakely from England via Chicago.

In addition George “Sowa” Dublin is back in Hoppers’ defence after serving a one-game suspension following three cautions.

Kelly Frederick is always a handful to defences and Tamarley “Ziggy” Thomas is always a threat running the flank or from the spot.

Thomas’ throws are like corner kicks from anywhere from thirty yards out and closer.

Willikies must pay close attention to set plays.

Also they must be extremely disciplined in the back to compliment the usual good play of Alton “Heights” Ford in goal.

Hoppers with just 13 points from 10 games need wins to distinguish itself from the bottom tier of the league.

Perhaps a win over an optimistic Willikies may do just that for that for the Greenbay men.